Our Story

Just a vintage girl from California along with two assistants, Bailey and Seven, who…are cats, because as everyone knows nothing goes better with vintage than a kitty or two!

The thrill of finding that perfect dress, or skirt or hat or even shoe, in an old barn estate sale in the middle of nowhere is what we live for! We are fortunate enough to go to "work" each day and be able to surround ourselves with what we love, fashion.

At Napa Valley Vintage we believe no outfit is truly complete until you add something which outdates yourself. Taking that mantra into practice we have searched far and wide throughout California, trekking into the most unlikely of places, to bring the vintage to you.

The fashion history behind these garments is very important to us, so when we find that cloak from the 1800’s or a 1920’s beaded marvel we take care of them with such importance. Our hope for you is that you find your perfect vintage item (or items) and give something it’s forever home.

Being fashionable is never outdated, so it’s our goal to search for that classic piece to add to ladies wardrobes all around the world. We are all just vintage girls in a modern world after all!